Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Revolution Comes to Venezuela

Anyone who has looked at this blog before and is aware of the situation of religious freedom in China, could probably see that the Chinese are following a model of Church State relations that was set in France during the French Revolution. The Revolutionaries decided that the State would for all practical purposes turn the Catholic Church into the French Church and that the State would control that Church.

Now, it appears that the Chinese are not alone. The example that we see from the French Revolution is making its way to Venezuela. It actually might be more of the example set by England and the States of Northern Europe during the Reformation. It is, in the end, the nefarious ideas of Marsilius of Padua and William Ockham at work.

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Blogger Tortoise(notHare) said...

National Review Online today (1/4/07) has an excellent piece by Mario Loyola that compares Chavez to Castro (in my opinion, Chavez is still a minor-league madman and has gallons of blood to spill before he ever catches up to Castro on the short list of the most evil men ever to have lived.)
I agree with your assessment that, so far, what Chavez has done to the Church looks more like the early stages of Henry VIII and Thomas Cranmer than the FR. But that is "so far". Let us pray that we never have a Venezuelan inspired to write an opera about the Evil that infested his homeland along the lines of Poulenc's "Dialogues des Carmelites."

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