Friday, December 22, 2006

Violence Against Women

We should all be concerned about violence against women, especially the violence that democratic revolutionaries commit against women.

During the French Revolution, the revolutionaries mandated that all convents close. Women that refused were forcibly removed, raped, and returned to civilian life. Here is what one group of women wrote to the revolutionaries when they learned of the possibility of having to abandon the way of life they chose. They voted 100% to send this letter to the Assembly:

"We should prefer the sacrifice of our lives to that of our calling. This is not the voice of some of our sisters, but of all. The NAtional Assembly has established the claims of liberty---would it prevent the exercise of these by the only disinterested beings who ardently desire to be useful, and have renounced society solely to be of greater service to it? The little commerce we have with this world is the reason why our contentment is so little known. But it is not to ourselves less real and substantial. WE admit of no distinctions, no privileges amongst ourselves; our misfortunes and our property are in common. One heart in one soul. We protest before the nation, in the face of heaven and earth, that it is not in the power of any being to shake our fidelity to our vows, which vows we renew with more ardor than when we first pronounced them."

The democratic revolutionaries of the French Revolution and the cultural revolutionaries of the West to this day have been commiting acts of violence against women (and men) by preventing them from discovering or following the way of life that a well formed conscience would lead them to follow. Let us hope that we can put an end to this kind of violence, so that men and women can be free once again to live lives of virtue, selflessness, and service.

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